Part two of a two part series

In our last article, we discussed some of the main hurdles that users face trying to use DeFi. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which Athena Finance helps alleviate those obstacles.

Fees and Delays

Athena Finance is built on Ethereum and while Ethereum 2.0 is still 1–2 years away, there is plenty of L2 infrastructure available right now in a usable form. This includes Polygon, zkSync, Optimism, Arbitrum, State channels, Plasma, Validium, Sidechains, and various other hybrid solutions. The Ethereum L2 ecosystem is becoming increasingly competitive and already has significant…

Part one of a two part series

For those of us deeply involved in crypto, there’s no question that DeFi is going to eat the financial world. But just like networking infrastructure in the 90s had to be built out for the web to be usable, lots of infra has to be built out for DeFi to be usable for the average person. The infra build out will be a slow, arduous process, but fortunately the right primitives exist now to enable the average person to invest in DeFi in a safe and user friendly way. Already we are seeing…

Why Athena is poised to fill the missing gap in DeFi

The Wonderful World of DeFi

There’s no question that the world needs DeFi. Unlike in the US, many people throughout the world do not have stable banking, financial, or political systems that they can depend on. Bitcoin first solved this problem by making it possible to store one’s wealth via a provably scarce and censorship resistant asset that cannot be tampered with by any one entity, political or otherwise. But while Bitcoin solves the problem of storing one’s wealth, it doesn’t make it possible to compound one’s wealth the way it’s possible to do…

Athena Finance

Unlocking DeFi for Everyone

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